Woodcock Language Proficiency Battery (WLPB)

Norms for ages 2 years to 95 years. The WLPB is great for testing language in an academic context. Contains 13 sub-tests: 5 in oral language, 4 in reading, and 4 written.

Oral language sections are as follows: memory for sentences, picture vocabulary, oral vocabulary, listening vocabulary, and verbal analogies.

The reading sections are as follows: letter-word identification, passage comprehension, word attack, and reading vocabulary.

The written sections are dictation, proofing, writing sampling, and writing fluency.

The WLPB gives you a raw score, as well as grade and age equivalents. It is an academically-oriented test. It tests for overall proficiency in oral language, reading, and written language. The WLPB is great tool to use when assessing children who are experiencing problems in school.